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2 Pac Studio Tape - Final Mixes of Songs - Super Rare - Original - Tupac
2 Pac Studio Tape - Final Mixes of Songs - Super Rare - Original - Tupac
Shafiyq -
Shafiyq - "Scared $ Don't Make $" CD Ultra Mega Rare (2002) Knoxville TN OG OOP

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Top 500 eBay Rarities

This is a list of the top 500 rarest CDs here at Heavy Harmonies, as indicated by results of completed Ebay auctions. The higher the number of auctions for a given CD, the more accurate the results are likely to be. Over the course of time, as more Ebay data is gathered, the averages will become more realistic.

NOTE: Just because a disc does not appear on this list, does not mean it is not scarce. The rarer the disc, the less likely it is to appear on Ebay. Also, do not take these results as gospel; there are people bidding on Ebay with more money than sense...

Last updated Mon Aug 11 21:38:18 2014

Ebay Average Number of Auctions Artist CD

$765.55 1Ram Release The Beast
$725.00 1Gypsy Harbor No Such Thing
$662.56 5White Eagle Bustin Ass
$625.84 2Eli Push It Hard
$565.90 1Vera Cruz Hot Games
$488.00 4Fury (ZNE Records USA) Endangered Hearts
$478.17 2Smelly Boggs Smelly Boggs
$471.66 1Akela Nasty Reputation
$455.00 1Sierra Karma
$352.98 1KC Rose KC Rose
$338.00 1Rockabye Rockabye
$330.17 3Cyrus Zain Cyrus Zain
$325.00 1Egil Eldoen Egil Eldoen
$319.00 2Frontier You Got To Believe
$315.75 2Escape (USA) Running in the Night
$315.00 1Saber Do or Die
$307.40 2De 5 De 5
$305.00 1Blaz-On In Our Free Time
$305.00 1Easy Rider Back to Old Road
$290.35 22 A.M. When Every Second Counts
$275.00 2Bandit Tuff N' Dirtee
$273.00 1Brian Jack Promise Of Love
$260.75 6Asia Aurora
$260.66 1Tuff Luck (Indie HR) Breakin' Down the Walls
$258.80 1Surprise Stop the Running
$256.17 4Walk The Chalk What's In A Name
$255.90 1Eli Beware Of The Dog
$255.00 1Krakatoa Building Bridges
$255.00 1Money In The Red
$238.75 2Cleopatra Chapter One
$232.31 3Kidd Wikkid Kidd Wikkid
$230.50 1The Paul Godfrey Band Magic Touch
$229.07 2Busborg Busborg
$226.25 2Sure Big Strike
$225.50 2Oxido Breaking Down The Walls
$225.00 1Dr. Sin Dr. Sin
$223.19 2Keith Clark Is
$219.45 2Saddle Tramp Working The Room
$218.33 3Mark St. John Magic Bullet Theory
$217.39 1Rattlesnake Shake Rattlesnake Shake
$213.00 6Soren Soren
$209.00 2A Perfect Day A Perfect Day
$206.06 1The Outfield Live In Brazil
$205.02 1Crack Jaw Nightout
$204.16 1Damzel Castle Walls
$202.33 3Tokio Rose Paradise Lost
$201.00 2Michael Breen Michael Breen
$200.00 1Dag Lauvland 1 Step Closer
$193.75 2Marillion Marillionrochester
$190.67 3Nikki Cruze Nikki Cruze
$190.25 1White Eagle A New Beginning
$189.44 3Mindwork Inside Out
$187.78 2Fire Dept. Things Are Tough All Over
$187.50 1Big City Make Your Mark
$187.00 2Schoolboy Crush Electric Playground
$185.50 1XX Badboy Fire in the Hole
$182.78 2Syder May Night
$179.13 1Cry Cin East of Eden
$179.13 1The Uncle C Residence Mark The Keys
$176.26 4Friction Baby Talk
$169.94 2Cold Ethyl Cold Ethyl
$167.71 1Marillion Curtain Call: A Live Archive 1983-1988
$166.34 2Hero (UK) Everytime
$160.76 8Mad Max Rollin' Thunder
$160.00 1Michael Sembello Without Walls
$159.50 2De-Ja-Vu One Size Fits All
$158.50 1May Run Days Into Years
$157.88 1Player Room With a View
$157.00 3Erotic Suicide Perseverance
$154.75 2Shawn Lane The Tri-Tone Fascination
$154.16 6Halestorm Breaking the Silence
$153.17 3Rat Knuckles Get Some!
$152.50 1Smokey Bandits Won't Lick No Shoe For You
$151.37 7Chastain The 7th of Never
$150.00 1Drama Escapades
$150.00 1Legend (US MA) Sex and Violence
$147.17 3Laurence Archer LA
$145.68 3White Eagle The Need to Know
$144.76 1Devils In Heaven Liberation
$143.63 3Justin Sayne Big Tools
$143.27 1Original Sinners Love Or The Money
$142.21 1Eclipse The Truth And A Little More
$142.04 3Christian Scarborough Bump In the Night
$140.54 6NVS NVS
$140.33 2Gideon's Army Grace
$136.34 3Shabby Trick Badass
$135.18 3Submytion Finally
$134.70 4Barely Legal Dirtier Than You
$134.58 5Metal Shop Hole Patrol
$134.43 3PM PM
$132.49 1Tattoo Kings Of The White Trash Neighborhood
$130.01 2Awol On The Edge
$128.39 1White Russian Broken Mirror
$127.72 1Michael Sadler Back Where You Belong
$126.47 1Luv Junkies Luv Junkies
$123.16 3Zaza Party With the Big Boys
$121.50 1Bloodstone (Australia) The Awakening
$120.30 2Avenue Talk Cry For Mercy
$119.53 3Mr. Lucky Fat Chance
$119.00 3Theatre Sexy Lady
$115.36 4Black Stone Cherry Rock n' Roll Tape
$113.50 1Denner Denner
$113.14 2Vice (Melodic Metal) Hot... Just Lookin' At You
$113.10 1Sarajevo Tomorrow in the Hands of Yesterday's Man
$112.42 2Buckethead Crime Slunk Scene
$110.50 1Cosmic Desert Cosmic Desert
$110.00 1Atomic Up Atomic Up
$110.00 1Holograf World Full Of Lies
$109.00 1St. Kick Animal Attraction
$107.50 1High Heels Emotions Can Run Wild
$105.69 2Smash L.A. Law 'N' Authority
$105.40 1Cast of Shadows Face the Time
$104.50 1Andy McCoy Too Much Ain't Enough
$104.00 3David Gibson David Gibson
$103.53 1Cinnamon Eat It!
$103.50 1Rott Sox Rott Sox
$101.89 2Triumph Diamond Collection (Box Set)
$101.48 3Taken Smell The Groove
$100.99 1Chainsaw The Devil's Drivin' My Car
$100.63 2Mark Allen Band Six Interlocking Pieces
$100.00 1Watchmen Fear No Evil
$99.99 1I.C. Eyes Faith in Colours
$99.99 1The Michael Schenker Group Walk The Stage: The Official Bootleg Box Set
$99.96 1Magnum (Hard Rock) No Secrets
$98.90 10Dweezil Zappa Havin' A Bad Day
$97.83 6Giuntini Project Vol. 1
$97.24 4New Tattoo No Bones About It
$97.04 9Barracuda Open Fire
$96.75 2Double Heart Hearts On Fire
$94.75 2Roulette (Hard Rock) Pull The Trigger / Reloaded
$93.26 4Brand New Sin Brand New Sin
$93.17 3Open Fire No Uncle Of Mine
$93.00 2Compilations Hear'N Aid
$92.99 1Hot City Feel the Heat!
$92.01 4Nation (Swiss) Take Off
$92.00 1Action (Japan) Hot Rox
$91.08 7Sacred Reign Looking For Love
$91.02 1Jesse Strange Looking For Some Strange
$91.00 1Waltham Waltham
$90.73 5Slave Raider Bigger, Badder and Bolder
$90.00 1Cats In Boots Last Works
$89.39 2Nasty Idols Gigolos On Parole
$89.00 1Yale Bate Business or Pleasure
$88.64 2Kill City Dragons Kill City Dragons
$88.00 2Flag Across The Stars
$87.91 3Fatal Smile Left In A Shadow
$87.83 3Conquest (Melodic Metal) Wicked Ways
$87.67 5Lava The Rhythm of Love
$87.01 1The Outfield Replay
$86.97 8Atomic Angel Atomic Angel
$86.76 30Alpha Alpha
$86.68 3Eight Seconds Big Houses
$86.00 1Bogart Co Dance On
$86.00 2Reckless Youth Invisible Robot Fish
$83.67 3Michael Men Project Made In Moscow
$83.62 4Mammoth XXXL
$83.54 1Jeff Scott Soto Live at the Queen Convention
$82.91 18Killer Dwarfs Stand Tall
$82.50 2White Widow Turn it Up
$82.22 12Romeo Romeo
$82.00 1Ocean God's Clown
$81.56 1TLC Serious Trouble
$80.85 7Slave Raider Take the World By Storm
$80.67 2Jackyl Live At The Full Throttle
$80.00 1John Marshall Is This Heaven
$79.66 1Mama's Boys Live Tonite
$79.57 6Redstone Redstone
$79.00 1Tokyo Rose Tokyo Rose
$79.00 1Valet Parking Valet Parking
$78.82 9The Fuzz Drivers The Fuzz Drivers
$78.81 3Grace In Danger Trouble
$78.77 1Dead City Klowns At the Suicide Circus
$78.75 2Romeo That New Romeo Album
$78.60 1Razzle (Lit) New Vibe Revolution
$78.25 4Bad Angels On The Rail
$78.00 1Excellence Against the Odds
$78.00 1Logan One Step Closer
$77.23 1Status Quo Live At The N.E.C.
$77.00 1Joker [Portugal] Ecstasy
$77.00 1Johnny Lima Johnny Lima
$76.89 3Marillion Early Stages: The Official Bootleg Box Set 1982-1987
$76.09 4Rainbow Deutschland Tournee 1976
$75.64 3Little Yankees All Or Nothing
$75.33 27Driver Driver
$75.00 1J-Train J-Train
$75.00 1Tragic Hero Wing and a Prayer
$74.99 1Big Deal (Germany) A Place To Go
$74.59 3Demon British Standard Approved
$74.51 3Vision 180 More To Believe In
$74.12 4Manzano Turn Me On
$74.10 2Sinnocence State Of Grace
$73.96 6Face Face Childhood Dreams
$73.91 4Lost And Found Welcome To The Real World
$73.62 35Halestorm ReAniMate:The CoVeRs eP
$73.59 2The Dogs D'Amour Graveyard Of Empty Bottles
$73.33 3Cheap Trick The Complete Epic Albums Collection (Box Set)
$73.10 5Slash Puppet Slash Puppet
$73.06 17Dare Blood From Stone
$73.00 1Don Dokken Solitary
$73.00 1Kage State of Mind
$72.88 1Snakepit Rebels Snakepit Rebels
$71.69 4Pretty Wicked Pretty Wicked
$71.01 1Flag Book Of Conquest
$71.00 1Tubeless Hearts Three
$69.44 2Marillion Live At The Borderline
$69.43 6Kid Cyote Animal Lust
$69.30 10Joal Joal
$68.56 5Parlor Trixx Step Into My Parlor
$68.50 2Blue Ruby Blue Ruby
$67.66 1Floyd's Funk Revival Creamy
$67.63 1Raw Trixx Rawness
$67.60 1Emerson High Emerson High
$67.50 2Damaged Mailboxz Damaged Mailboxz
$67.00 1Simon Says Spin This
$66.79 11Soundtracks The Wraith
$66.65 1Passion (swo) Asexual
$66.55 1Triple X Hands and Knees
$66.17 2Hattrick No Turning Back
$66.00 1Rata Blanca Rata Blanca
$66.00 1St. Warren Honest Planet
$65.80 1Parallels Volume One
$65.77 1Loud House Loud House
$65.44 5Alice Cooper Old School 1964-1974
$65.21 9Chastain Ruler of the Wasteland
$65.06 9Motley Crue Music to Crash Your Car to - Volume 2
$64.93 2Phenomena The Complete Works
$64.54 9Concrete Jungle Wear And Tear
$64.39 10Vera Cruz Colors
$64.11 4Tiger Bay Endangered Species
$64.00 3Mark Edwards Code of Honor
$64.00 3Submytion Heart Of Darkness
$63.14 5Taz Cold Shoulder
$63.05 8Ya Ya II
$63.00 2Distant Thunder Distant Thunder
$62.91 5Jones Street Dancin' With the Devil
$62.61 9Soundtracks Fright Night
$62.55 1Titan Steps
$62.36 4Kevin Barrett Makin' Movies
$62.27 2Brass Kitten E-Z N' Pretty
$62.22 3Electrichka Dark In The Day
$62.00 1Cheyenne Rebel Underground
$61.93 1Brunorock Brunorock
$61.69 2Nasty Habit (Sleaze Rock) Lick the Groove
$61.53 3Henderson Main Hendenson Main
$61.50 2Audio Mob Audio Mob
$61.40 10China Sign in the Sky
$61.00 1Mick Powell Long Overdue
$60.60 4Cream House Don't Touch It, Let It Drip
$60.50 3Kickstart Kickstart
$60.31 8Joshua Intense Defense
$59.94 2Purple Lake Wandering In The Darkness
$59.88 1Tainted Souls Love - Hate - Pain
$59.63 15H.A.R.D. 100 HARD
$59.62 40HIM Love Metal
$59.47 3Fair Exchange Fair Exchange
$59.02 9Heaven (Norway) Take Me Back
$59.00 4Blue Ruin Blue Ruin
$58.87 3Giraffe The Power Of Suggestion
$58.77 1Friction Un-Mastered
$58.77 1Red Sky Red Sky
$58.73 5Marillion Live In Glasgow
$58.63 5WWIII The Unreleased Demos
$58.62 10Extreme The Collection
$58.62 2Scream Clan Scream Clan
$58.50 1Wild August Wild August EP
$58.17 6Lion Power Love
$57.89 1Uncle Sally World of Hurt
$57.77 2Tarzen Madrid
$57.72 5Steve Jones Mercy
$57.67 3Fingerprints Time Is All We Need
$57.66 1Whiskey Gypsy Misfortune Teller
$57.38 2Mr Scary (Australia) The World Can Wait
$57.26 4Wildrose Wildrose
$57.26 19Warrior Fighting for the Earth
$57.12 4Timeless Hall Timeless Hall
$57.00 2Widow Rockit
$56.97 3Phantom Blue Prime Cuts and Glazed Donuts
$56.95 4Bad Moon Rising Full Moon Collection
$56.93 3Noah Judgement Day
$56.77 12Chastain Mystery of Illusion
$56.67 3Joe Bruce and 2nd Avenue Joe Bruce and 2nd Avenue
$56.55 1Wrabit West Side Kid
$56.50 9Hot Boy Barely Legal
$56.44 3Dream Theater Graspop Festival 2002
$56.06 3Steelwings Steelwings
$56.00 1Sangre Azul The Platinum Collection
$55.92 4Sinister Clyde Hip Agitation
$55.79 7Joker Cool Deal
$55.69 2Victory Liveline
$55.65 1Violet Iron Destiny
$55.51 3Steffanie Hideaway
$55.50 2Rock Candy Sucker for a Pretty Face
$55.49 2Steel Breeze Still Warriors
$55.38 9Glory Danger in This Game
$55.30 2Key West One
$55.25 2Time Gallery Kaleidoscope
$55.16 3Cats Can Fly Cats Can Fly
$55.01 1Grand Slam Rhythmic Noise
$54.89 1Dead City Klowns Like Father, Son and Holy Spirit
$54.81 3Pound of Flesh Pound of Flesh
$54.79 3Foxx Gangster of Love
$54.66 3Bachman-Turner Overdrive Rock N' Roll Nights
$54.49 2Malicious Malicious
$54.49 3Status Quo Live At The BBC
$54.38 4Joan Jett Unfinished Business
$54.16 3Alien Best and Rare
$54.05 3Thrust Thrust
$54.00 1Bad Medicine Bad Medicine
$54.00 1Kingsize Kingsize
$54.00 1Penny Lane (Germany) In Memoriam
$53.86 4Demon Heart Of Our Time
$53.80 63Highlander Scotia
$53.59 3Flyer Sell Your Soul
$53.50 2Freiheit Romancing In The Dark
$53.50 2Stitch Freakshow Box
$53.43 8Tokyo Blade Blackhearts and Jaded Spades
$53.31 7Big Bang Babies Big Bang Babies
$53.23 9JC Desire
$53.00 1Britny Fox Gudbuy T' Dean
$53.00 1Skinny Horse No Pain No Gain
$53.00 1Tammer Laine Let's Get It On!
$52.99 2Honeymoon Suite Feel It Again: An Anthology
$52.88 48084 Love and War
$52.78 25Lion Dangerous Attraction
$52.68 8Marcie Free Tormented
$52.50 2Purple Angels Purple Angels
$52.31 38HIM Tears on Tape
$52.29 344 Caliber 44 Caliber
$52.22 6Platinum Blonde Standing in the Dark
$52.00 1Rick Laine When the Time Was Not
$52.00 6Tracer Tracer
$51.65 6Luv Hunter Luv Hunter
$51.49 3Farrenheit Farrenheit
$51.38 4Crossfire Seasons of Change
$51.36 11Syre Syre
$51.35 3Big Guns On Dangerous Ground
$51.30 12The Cross Mad, Bad And Dangerous To Know
$51.25 2Endless No Less No More
$51.01 1Purple Heart Purple Heart
$51.01 1Angi Schiliro White Lady II
$51.00 19th Street The Prayer
$51.00 2Ask A Stranger Stranger Things Have Happened
$51.00 1Cindy Cruse The Edge
$51.00 2Hay Kay Hay Kay
$51.00 1Morningstar Morningstar
$51.00 2Dan Reed Adrenaline Sky
$50.99 3Peter Cetera Peter Cetera
$50.99 1Mad Margritt Cold Sweat
$50.95 1Frontline Almost Unreleased
$50.88 1David Glen Eisley The Lost Tapes
$50.75 4Victory Temples of Gold
$50.69 1Robin Beck Livinī on a Dream
$50.46 2Crying Steel On The Prowl
$50.45 2Wrabit Wrough and Wready
$50.34 9Rock Sugar Reimaginator
$50.28 3Budgie An Ecstasy Of Fumbling
$50.27 2Tributes Tribute to Boston
$50.07 3Carisma In a Moonland
$50.00 2Bed Language Handle With Care
$50.00 1Icon An Even More Perfect Union
$50.00 1Six Pack Floozy Curious But Serious
$50.00 1Wicked Kin Born Killers
$49.99 2Blue Oyster Cult The Columbia Albums Collection (Box Set)
$49.99 1Erika Super Trax
$49.99 1Nelson Brother Harmony
$49.99 1Red Moon Straight Up
$49.95 2Sacred Site Sacred Site
$49.83 174KISS The Box Set
$49.50 1Marillion The Singles Box Vol 2. 89-95
$49.49 2Bleeding Hearts Loaded Gun
$49.37 8Mad Max Night Of Passion
$49.17 1Bad Habit 13 Years of Bad Habits
$49.12 1Show Ya Touch the Sun
$49.09 1Tigertailz You Lookin' At Me (The Best Of Tigertailz Live)
$49.05 2Lydian With a Vengeance
$49.00 1Speed Limit Perfect Inspiration
$49.00 1Still Alive Breakin' Everything
$48.99 2Wraith Danger Calling
$48.96 1Thunder Rough And Ready
$48.83 1Big Bang Babies Black Market
$48.77 5Stage Dolls Commandos
$48.71 1Zambelis Zambelis
$48.66 3Child's Play Long Way
$48.47 6Strutt Dreams
$48.43 3My Band Getting Off
$48.31 2Perfect Stranger Politics of Passion
$48.00 1Toronto Head On
$47.99 4Sinner Comin' Out Fighting/Dangerous Charm
$47.99 4Sinner Dangerous Charm
$47.99 1Visitor Take It
$47.98 24Touris Big Plans
$47.90 14Status Quo Piledriver
$47.87 6Hurry Scuary Break It Up
$47.85 1The Chasers Something's Gotta Give
$47.84 4Bad Habit After Hours
$47.77 2Strange Sects Hair's Lookin' At Ya
$47.69 13Douglas Mad
$47.62 24Star Star Go Go Girls in Love
$47.45 2Patrick Simmons Arcade
$47.40 8Mama's Boys Power and Passion
$47.33 17Motley Crue Music to Crash Your Car to - Volume 1
$47.30 3Lovers Lane Chiseled In Stone
$47.26 5XYZ Forbidden Demos 1985-1991
$47.22 1Arazmo Notice To Appear
$47.11 5Kansas The Classic Albums Collection 1974-1983 (Box Set)
$47.06 4David Pack Anywhere You Go
$47.00 2Rumble Tribe Fire, Water, Earth and Stone
$47.00 1Sleazy Wipe Out
$47.00 1Sweet Killer Woman For Sale
$47.00 1Thieves Guild First Offense
$46.99 1Phantom Blue Full Blown
$46.99 1Swingin' Thing Swingin' Thing
$46.76 17Treat Scratch and Bite
$46.75 5Nasty Habit Rock Hard
$46.75 2Glamour The Mood
$46.55 1Duq -N- Cover Incoming
$46.55 1Trance Rockers
$46.52 2Robin Over All Seven Seas
$46.50 1Exizt After Midnight
$46.50 2Sleeze Beez Screwed Blued and Tattoed
$46.50 2Tongue Lash Tongue Lash
$46.47 4Mae West Mae West
$46.38 20Infinity Infinity
$46.17 3Crossbones Crossbones
$46.12 1Whiteburn Highlife the Winners
$46.02 6Vengeance Arabia
$46.00 1Balanx One
$45.95 10Casanova Heroes
$45.95 17Friction (UK) Friction
$45.88 1Arsin Beyond
$45.75 2The Me Generation Diamond Soldier
$45.71 18Stryper The Covering
$45.63 8Torstein Flakne Shoot The Moon
$45.58 15Fate A Matter of Attitude
$45.56 3The Grip Be Yourself
$45.49 4Frank Stallone Frank Stallone
$45.41 2Ranveig Johnsen Watch That Girl!
$45.40 2Maxime Monk Rock
$45.24 2Bodine Bodine
$45.20 3Bystander Not So Innocent
$45.11 11Montrose Mean
$45.06 3The Affair Solid Ground
$45.00 1Jackie Bodimead Dont Believe in Love
$45.00 1Harlots Webb Wild Times
$45.00 1Kyle Vincent A Night Like This
$45.00 1The Winery Dogs Dog Treats: Deluxe Special Edition
$44.86 1Perfect Strangers Outside Lookin' In
$44.83 5J.T. Shelter J.T. Shelter
$44.73 10Slade Old, New, Borrowed And Blue
$44.66 1Gateway Gateway
$44.61 4Soundtracks Nothing But Trouble
$44.58 4Wig Wam 667... The Neighbour Of The Beast
$44.33 3T.T. Quick Sloppy Seconds
$44.25 2Straightway Black Or White
$44.13 11Skagarack Skagarack
$44.00 1Gray Malkin The Secret Of Parth Galen
$44.00 1Reignstorm Waves Of Sound
$43.99 1Nielsen/Pearson Nielsen/Pearson / Blind Luck
$43.84 15Halestorm One and Done EP
$43.72 8Don Felder Airborne
$43.70 11Channel 5 Channel 5
$43.70 9Slave Raider What Do You Know About Rock 'N Roll
$43.69 2Bloodstone Fight for Jerusalem
$43.51 12Nazareth Expect No Mercy
$43.50 2Dizzy Lane Cheap Thrills
$43.50 3Sweet Lips XOXO
$43.49 2Broken Silence Discerning The Times
$43.38 2Eric Johnson Souvenir
$43.17 3Stan Bush Dial 818 888 8638
$43.15 4Stage Dolls Dig
$43.15 1White Heart Hotline
$43.10 3The Freeloaders The Freeloaders
$43.05 2IQ Nomzamo
$43.01 1Bret Michaels Country Demos
$43.00 1Poker Face Game Of Love
$43.00 2Speak Easy Speak Easy
$42.95 3Rattlesnake Kiss Rattlesnake Kiss
$42.87 1The Wildhearts Landmines and Pantomimes
$42.84 3Flight 7 Sky High
$42.70 5Marillion Marbles Live
$42.65 6Stage Dolls Soldier's Gun
$42.62 7Export Export
$42.50 1Sweet Savage Archives: 1984-1989
$42.50 2Vinnie Vincent Euphoria
$42.49 2Paradise Do Or Die
$42.49 12Victory Culture Killed the Native
$42.16 2God's Gift Larger Than Life
$42.09 1Bad Fashion Heart and Soul
$42.09 1Bad Fashion Hurt
$42.07 14Treat The Pleasure Principle
$42.04 1Trombi (Cashmir) Better Than Me
$42.00 2Blackshear Voodoo Groove
$42.00 1Masquerade (U.S.) Crazy About the Night Life
$42.00 1Zyris Zyris
$41.90 5Tygers Of Pan Tang The Wreck-Age
$41.77 1Heavy Pettin Pettology
$41.76 2Frank Hannon Guitarz From Marz
$41.70 4The Bang Gang Love Sells
$41.67 4Marillion Live In Caracas
$41.66 3Gunner Sixx Gunner Sixx


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